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My name is Michael ‘Heartsong’ Cutter. I assist people in living a meaningful, joyful life. The combination of science-based Life Purpose Hand Analysis and ancient shamanic wisdom is a powerful combination giving you clear insights into your purpose and the mysteries of life while resolving the issues holding you back from living your dreams and passion. 

I bridge traditional spiritual wisdom into modern society to
help people overcome challenges and live joyful, meaningful lives.

Is your life feeling deeply fulfilling or is something missing? What is holding you back? I am here to help you finally understand the mysteries and provide healing so you can deeper joy, fulfillment, and freedom. Modern hand analysis, with amazing accuracy, reveals the mysteries so you finally understand how, why and most importantly what to do next. The healing methods from the Ecuadorian Andes and Amazon help resolve the issues. It is my deepest honor to be entrusted with these beautiful teachings and healing methods and offer them to you. 



Private Sessions

Website booking is for Thursdays

For alternative times contact Michael

Pricing Plans (package discounts)

Commit to change and get a break on pricing.

  • Initiation into YOU

    3 Sessions to activate your purpose and passion for life.
    Valid for 12 weeks
    • IIHA Life Purpose Hand Analysis - gold standard diagnosis
    • la Limpia, traditional Ecuadorian healing to transform life
    • Takuma Needling, Brazilian healing to remove stuck energy
    • Access to all services
  • WAKING UP in the DREAM

    6 Sessions deeply address core patterns to transform your life.
    Valid for 6 months
    • IIHA Hand Analysis - the gold standard in life purpose
    • la Limpia, traditional Ecuadorian healing to transform life
    • Takuma Needling, Brazilian technique removes stuck energy
    • Access to all services...
    • Best value and benefit!

Upcoming Events

Watch this video for an introduction to Michael's Life Purpose and Healing work. 



The time I spent with Michael was clear, kind, and very helpful. He focused on my purpose but also made me feel good about who I am uniquely. He offered ideas and real guidance on how I could expand to become more of my true self. It was life advancing. Thank you - Karen R, Denver

———————————————————————————— say I was amazed is an understatement. I never expected that so much could be seen in the hands.... He hit with amazing accuracy things I knew but wasn't sure about or believed possible. His guidance was also resourceful and in alignment. It definitely is worth the time and investment and you can tell Michael isn't just throwing things out about life and that he is invested in what he does. His personality and demeanor matches his skills. Thank you! – Mike Cortazar


Thank you so much. The relief you brought me is off the charts. I'm incredibly blessed knowing you.  – Keriba Blattel


Michael provides powerful core-level guidance. My session with him highlighted my deeper calling and gave practical suggestions on taking the next step into my personal power. I am extremely grateful for the beautiful healing space Michael holds in his sessions. As a healer myself with over 20 years experience, I can say that Michael brings a unique and highly valuable skill set to the table.  

– Jenny Grace, Bellingham, WA


Michael Cutter does some incredible work with highly accurate hand analysis! He helped me pinpoint some known recurring issues and discussed how to work with them.  —Colleen Taylor, Denver, CO


Michael is very attentive and took the time to listen and understand what I was going through. His reading was very helpful. I would recommend him to others for a hand analysis and healing.  – Trina Schneider


I love Michael’s hand analysis readings and energy clearings! He puts his whole heart into his healings. –T.S., Denver


Michael gave me a hand analysis/reading and it was very accurate to my personality and life. He confirmed many things I’ve felt for a long time and provided new perspectives that gave me needed clarity. I’ve since taken a completely different path that now allows me to focus on finding joy in helping others! Amazing!  —Age Renée, Denver, CO


Michael is an extraordinary intuitive, and spiritual counselor. His authenticity, and expression of life and the the way he shares his life experiences have been quite invaluable for me. I just had my first palmistry reading with him. It was mind blowing! He was able to see my core gifts and challenges through my finger prints, and all the information he shared totally resonated with me. He also offered some advice that I found it very helpful for moving forward. I feel more confident, and hopeful that I am not alone in the "school of love"... Thanks Michael!  — L.R., Denver, CO


I was privileged to experience Mike’s wonderful array of gifts and his expertise as a Shamanic guide. We went to places in my heart and spirit that I did not think possible. It has been 67 years in the works and I am grateful.   — Dr. NDLC.


A profound and lasting shift occurred after my healing session with Michael Heartsong. A healer of sorts myself, I’d felt stuck in the last 5-8yrs, feeling depressed and low energy but not knowing why or what to do. The next day following my healing session with Michael, the blocks were gone and I felt a renewed strength that lifted me up to make new decisions and live more empowered on my path. Deep gratitude to you Michael for your gifts and service!  —In gratitude, Julie, Denver, CO



I am 67 years in this incarnation. I am a Vietnam Veteran and have been studying two dreams one of beauty and conscious. The other much darker and somewhat unconscious. Michael, a veteran of life has worked his gifts and has brought clarity to both in an unimaginable way. I am forever indebted.   —Dr. Nelson De La Cruz



... it was another powerful healing. Thank you!  —SM, Denver, CO


I believe that yesterday, while you were blessing the drum and me, your singing and drumming opened up a portal. Today, I started sobbing uncontrollably in grief, and my "voice" came out in sounds that I felt were stuck. I started drumming and song/wail from deep within. I am loving this most precious drum. The sound of your singing touched me deeply.Thank you my friend!!  —Julie Zeckman, Denver, CO


Thank you, Michael, for sharing and inviting us into another realm as we feel, hear, and absorb your music. Your sound healing events beautifully and deeply clear and heal energy, and raise vibrational levels, for all who are present.  – Karen Maxwell, Denver, CO

Michael's background in Shamanism and passion for the healing arts comes through in his sound healing work. After his Sound Journey I felt completely relaxed and refreshed.   —Mary Ellen Flesher, Denver, CO


I am so grateful for the energy you channeled thru your sound healings that brought me to amazing changes in my life. Love you lots.  – Brian Comer, Boulder, CO


Thank you Michael, I love my new buffalo & macaw feather sacred geometry drum! Can't wait to give some amazing sound healings with him. These drums are stellar quality and clearly made with care.   —Angela Schuster, Boulder, CO


 "… Within the first 10 minutes I was shivering, and my whole body was shaking. I then had the classic urge to bolt out of there. The sound journey was taking me through some uncomfortable and intense processes internally. Painful memories from childhood relating to fear of sound came up for me. 

When I opened my eyes I saw that everyone else was utterly calm. I was able to see a friend, and reminded myself that I was safe. I allowed the process to continue and the journey continued to get more intensive. I allowed myself to experience all emotions, and kept breathing deeply. What occurred at the end was a realization that I had been running away from what I don't want to hear for a very long time. It had impacted many relationships, and has called me to become a better communicator…"  – Neenah Massey, Denver, CO


At the sound journey event he was leading, he used various instruments: Didgeridoo, drum, raddles, and his voice. I was so amazingly transported by the sounds he made using his voice! It wasn’t singing. He had a certain way of projecting, what seemed to be, at least two voices at the same time in odd harmony. Every time he did this, I shifted in my mind’s space; like a ride in an amusement park. If you ever have the opportunity to journey with him, I strongly recommend it!  – Alan Myers, Denver, CO

About Michael

About Michael

My teachers remind that we all have indigenous roots – but many have forgotten theirs. Ancestral trauma and conditioning has severed our connection with the earth and our humanity. Most people are not in touch with their passion in life. They are too busy surviving to thrive and most are not even aware of their suffering because its become normalized. But there is a shift happening and once we become aware, we can choose to heal and reclaim our power.

My work is focused in life-purpose work because it addresses every single issue in life in a practical results-oriented way.  When we are fulfilled, happy and inspired, we uplift our families, communities and the world. We bring people together and take care of each other and the earth. What matters more than anything is that we ignite our purpose and bring our gifts and light into the world to lead fulfilled and empowered lives. 

I didn't just wake up one day and happily decide to do this work. Life had been rough. I had experienced homelessness, addiction, no money, failed relationships – I gave up and stopped trying, but asked spirit to show me meaning and purpose if there was any. Things got worse until eventually I was in critical condition and on life support. While very close to death I had a vision. It showed me in detail what to do for three years. I had many experiences during that time that reconnected me with spirit and led me to the shamans and healers that would teach me to claim my power and help others. 


Michael Cutter (Heartsong)

For over twenty five years Michael has practiced various healing methods including Tui-Na, Accupressure, massage therapy and sound healing. In  2010  he dedicated his life to the shamanic path. His teachers include Itzhak Beery (Kichwa), John Locklye (Xhosa), Grandmother Walking Thunder (Diné), Oona Soleil (Scotland), Ladamira (Slavic), Garrett Duncan (Diné)

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