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Authentic living starts right now


My name is Michael ‘Heartsong’ Cutter. I assist people in living a meaningful, joyful life. The combination of science-based Life Purpose Hand Analysis and ancient shamanic wisdom is a powerful combination giving you clear insights into your purpose and the mysteries of life while resolving the issues holding you back from living your dreams and passion. 


I bridge traditional spiritual wisdom into modern society to
help people overcome challenges and live joyful, meaningful lives.

Before your birth, you began a powerful journey with great meaning. Do you feel that deep calling being fulfilled or is something missing? Is there trauma, fears or feeling of something holding you back? I am here to help you finally understand the mysteries and provide healing so you can step into deeper joy, fulfillment, and freedom. Modern hand analysis reveals the mysteries of deep psychology so you finally understand the big questions. The healing methods from the Ecuadorian Andes and Amazon help resolve the issues and bring life back into balance. It is my deepest honor to be entrusted with these beautiful teachings and healing methods and offer them to you.