Personal Sessions with Michael Cutter (Heartsong)

What could possibly be more important than living joyfully, passionately and true to ourselves and the world we live in?

I began learning the healing arts almost 30 years ago and I've seen a lot! From very powerful and useful to manipulative, irresponsible and fraudulent. We live in a time reliant on science but there are many things science does not yet understand about the subtle reality that the mystical traditions have long known. My quest has been for decades to discover truth and merge the ancient knowledge of the mystics, yogis and shamans into modern life in deeply authentic, practical ways. Eventually, my journey gave me direct experience. I had been in critical health for years, and nothing was helping, but when I started working with indigenous Shamans I experienced true healing and my path became clear. Along my journey I have learned ways to help others who are seeking to heal, know themselves and live the life they came here to live. Understanding just what that means on an individual level can be very confusing and difficult. 


If you feel called to work with me, my role is to reveal the core issues that hold you back and assist you in restoring balance. I have the tools to help you see clearly and bring healing to the wounds that hold back your passion, purpose and power. 


Michael Cutter (Heartsong)

Phone: +1 (406) 360-6111


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In some cases I can offer a sliding scale for those in financial difficulty - Inquire for details.