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Authentic living starts right now


My name is Michael ‘Heartsong’ Cutter. I am a life purpose coach and spiritual healer. I assist people in reclaiming their power to live a meaningful, joyful life. I’ve spent the last several decades undergoing the necessary experiences, personal healing and training in order to offer this work to my community and the world. 


I bridge traditional spiritual wisdom and modern society to
help people overcome challenges and reclaim their power.

Before your birth, you launched yourself into a very meaningful journey. Do you still feel that calling of spirit pulsing through your veins or do you feel adrift in the sea of life? Living life by default means we eat what is served. Living a life of purpose is delicious, meaningful and fulfilling. I am here to assist you in putting the pieces of the puzzle together so you can finally understand, with clarity, and begin living your most meaningful life.