About Heartsong Way

The name Heartsong Way was inspired in 2015 and immediately became the name under which Michael began doing his work. It was during this time that he met his partner Joy Sylvia. They both have an affinity with sound healing and it was this connection that brought them together through a series of synchronicities and a seemingly fateful encounter. This began their journey of working together and the evolution of Heartsong Way into what it is today. Awwww... Isn't that sweet. 

Michael Cutter


For over twenty five years Michael has been immersed in various healing and practices including Yoga, Tai Chi, Chi Gong, Kung Fu, Tui-Na, Accupressure, Chinese medicine, massage therapy and sound healing. In 2010, life threatening illness resulted in what Michael calls a 'spiritual initiation'. In critical health and on life support, he received a vision calling him to live a life of healing and creativity. He turned don a full-ride scholarship to study at Naropa Institute in Boulder in favor of working directly with the indigenous healers and shamans. His journey led him to meet with the healers and teachers that he studies with to this day. Among his most influential healers and teachers are: Grandmother Walking Thunder (Diné), Oona Soleil (Scotland), Ladamira (Slavic), Garrett Duncan (Diné), John Lockley (Xhosa) and Itzhak Beery (Ecuadorian traditions). He has shamanic healing training and/or apprenticeship in the styles of Sandra Ingerman, Garrett Duncan and Itzhak Beery.

Michael offers private sessions, group healing ceremonies and workshops. He is also a maker of drums and owner of Incense Alchemy and graphic design studio Rainbow Creative.


"I am so grateful for the energy you channeled thru your sound healings that brought me to amazing changes in my life. Love you lots."

– Brian Comer, Boulder

"Thank you, Michael, for sharing and inviting us into another realm as we feel, hear, and absorb your music. Your sound healing events beautifully and deeply clear and heal energy, and raise vibrational levels, for all who are present."

– Karen Maxwell, Denver

"Whether drumming, singing,
Making a ceremonial drum or sitting at the summit of a 14er in ceremony. You will be transported to a much better version of yourself."

–Nelson De La Cruz, Denver

For more info on his healing services click here

Joy Sylvia


Joy Sylvia is a gifted musician and intuitive who has an innate ability to express emotion and vibration vocally. Joy intuitively uses sound for healing and transformation in evocative and playful ways. She uses a variety of instruments including handpan, tibetan bowls, Native American flute, drums, kalimba, voice and more.  Many of her instruments are tuned to A=432hz, which is in alignment with universal patterns of energy and is soothing in nature.

Heartsong is a name which Joy feels a strong connection, for her heart is the channel through which her songs come through most evocatively.  

See more about Joy and her work at http://www.joyouspool.com


"Joys connection with the frequency of sound is profound.  She is able to connect on many levels physically and energetically, allowing the sounds waves to move and flow in a way that best supports all concerned. She is not playing instruments or simply moving her voice, she is connecting deeply with the presence of the space and the people and brings through beautiful and powerful sound healing that has the ability to reach deep within to enable healing on all levels. I highly recommend working with her one on one or attending one of her sound healing events. She is thoughtful, conscious, and peacefully powerful. I am truly grateful she has chosen to walk this path and look forward to continued healing experiences."
~ Katherine Ganev ( Boulder, Colorado )

"Oh, Joy, what a beautiful and powerful evening last night! It was perfect for what I have been searching for. My next step in unfolding. You are a delight and a wise goddess. Thank you for your spirit and light. You inspired me to loosen up and let go. I discovered last night how much I need to release. On the way home, in the car, I explored. It made me full and happy and empty and ready to receive. Your work is heart work. Keep bringing your light to us!!!!!"
~ Lexanne Leonard ( Auroa, CO )