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Limpia Spiritual Cleanse & Healing

Ignite the Passion to Live Your Dreams!

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • 222 US dollars
  • Discover Your Spiritual Gifts|South King Street

Service Description

Limpia is the traditional healing method of pre-Incan Mexico and South America. Working with the elements and four directions, along with plants, aromatics, smoke, sound and huacas (sacred objects), Limpia is legendary for its ability to bring relief to long held issues and challenges. Through Soul Retrieval, Soul Mending, and other processes it also addresses the deep psychological issues or other emotional blocks due to personal/ancestral trauma, conditioning, etc. Michael has dedicated his life to learning authentic shamanic healing. His journey has led him to work directly with shamans from various locations, most notably North America, South Africa and Ecuador. Traditionally, these sessions are done with little or no clothing, so the various oils, liquids and aromatics can absorb into the skin. Underwear, sports bra, or bathing suit are recommended. You can undress to your comfort level. Sessions are scheduled for 90 minutes and take 60-90 minutes depending on what is necessary. In-Person only

Location Details

  • Discover Your Spiritual Gifts

    5808 South Rapp Street, Littleton, CO, USA

    +null 406-360-6111

  • South King Street

    3500 South King Street, Apt BB, Denver, CO, USA

    +null 406-360-6111

Cancellation Policy

To avoid fees please reschedule within 48 hours. Within 48 hours this option will not be available on the website and you may be charged a fee for canceling or rescheduling. Thank you for understanding.

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