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Life Purpose Hand Analysis

Utilize your gifts and live your dreams. In-person or online

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • 180 US dollars
  • Discover Your Spiritual Gifts|South King Street

Service Description

These IIHA hand analysis sessions are not about reading your future, they are about putting your future in your hands. The lines, patterns, shapes, colors and dermatoglyphics (micro lines including fingerprints) in your hands reflect your DNA to reveal a comprehensive picture of what you are here to be, do and experience in this life. It is about understanding your gifts and navigating the associated challenges to live a life of deep fulfillment and purpose in relationships, career, health and all of life. They are rooted in extensive statistical data and are highly accurate. Every person has a 'purpose' in life, meaning they came here to utilize specific gifts, master certain states of being and have experiences that both challenge and steer us in the direction of life purpose. When the energy of our gifts is not utilized it becomes frustrated, depressed, angry, addicted, etc. Health issues can arise and career and relationships suffer. For instance, healers typically experience trauma and or illness which leads them to helping others. Artists and performers have fears of criticism that need to be overcome before they can fully express their heart to the world (and avoid addictions). Good business leadership requires one to be structured, assertive and free from power struggles. These are just general examples but there are consistent patterns and every purpose has a challenge. When you understand your core dynamics you hold the map to purposeful inspired living and deep fulfillment. These sessions reveal your soul psychology (fingerprints) and personal psychology (hand shape, fingers, lines, mounts, etc.) and give you the information you need to live a fulfilled, passionate and empowered life. It is quite possibly the best investment you can make in yourself to be happy and successful in life. For online sessions you will need to provide fingerprints and photos of your hands. If you do not already have fingerprints made you will be sent a kit with instructions how to take prints and email them for the session. FOR REMOTE SESSIONS ALLOW AT LEAST ONE WEEK TO GET FINGERPRINTS AND PHOTOS TO ME. PLEASE SCHEDULE ACCORDINGLY. CONTACT ME WITH QUESTIONS. 406-360-6111

Location Details

  • Discover Your Spiritual Gifts

    5808 South Rapp Street, Littleton, CO, USA

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  • South King Street

    3500 South King Street, Denver, CO, USA

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Cancellation Policy

To avoid fees please reschedule within 48 hours. Within 48 hours this option will not be available on the website and you may be charged a fee for canceling or rescheduling. Thank you for understanding.