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Personal Tibetan Singing Bowl and Sound Session

This is held in our sound space, encompassing an array of sound tools, which includes many which can’t be practically brought to our public sound events.  60 minutes sessions are inclusive of a full spectrum sound session

Tibetan Bowls have a long history of being used to bring the body, mind, and emotions into alignment, resulting in a deeply relaxed and regenerative state of being. The polytonal sounds are unique in that each bowl produces many tones and vibrations resulting in feeling enveloped in harmonizing sound. Most of the bowls that Joy uses are very rare old bowls that are known to produce softer, richer tones and are uncommon in their sound qualities. The art of making these ancient bowls has been lost over time which adds to the unique experience of a session with Joy. Sessions can be customized to include acutonics tuning forks, vocal toning, drums, rattles, native american flute, didgeridoo and more, all inspired by your desires at the time. Contact Joy for info


$45 for 30 minute session. 

A Tibetan bowl immersion enveloping the whole body while aligning the chakras.  

$75 for one hour session.  $120 for 90 min. Discount for couples sessions. 

This will encompass a tibetian bowl session along with acutonics tuning forks, toning, and other sound as inspired by your needs. Additional sound options include acutonics tuning forks, vocal toning, drums, rattles, native american flute, and didgeridoo.



To schedule an appointment with Joy, please contact her at 480-214-3244 or email by clicking here.

For more information on Joys Personal sessions visit her website.  She also offers a variety of other sessions as well including vocal coaching and more.

Physical location is SW Denver, exact location will be given upon registration. 

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