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Itzhak Beery returns to Colorado!
Join us for a transformational weekend of teaching, healing and ceremony

September 6-9, 2024

The Sacred Sanctuary, Boulder, CO
15 minutes west of downtown

I am happy to announce that I will be supporting Itzhak in his upcoming trip to Colorado. If you have met Itzhak and experienced his work you already know how fantastic these events are. If you've not met him, we invite you to join us and experience firsthand.  If you have any questions feel free to contact me directly. - Michael 


Itzhak Beery is an internationally recognized shamanic teacher, healer, speaker, community activist, and author of three Amazon bestseller books. Itzhak bridges the spiritual and practical wisdom his indigenous and Western teachers entrusted to him. He was initiated into the "Circle of 24 Yachaks of Imbabura" by his Quechua teacher in Ecuador and by Amazonian Kanamari Pajè in Brazil.Itzhak is a Taita Yachak elder shaman). Pajé. Somba Uni. Hau’oli Kāna. You can learn more about Itzhak by clicking here.

The events will be located at

The Sacred Sanctuary, Boulder, CO
about 15 minutes west of Boulder
address and directions will be given on registration.
Click for more info on The Sacred Sanctuary
Click here to Contact Michael with questions.

Shamanic Wisdom of the Amazon & Andes
with Itzhak Beery
September 7 & 8, 10am-4pm 

Izhak works from a space of warmth and joy that is contageous.  The workshop will be held in the beautiful space of the Sacred Sanctuary, located about 15 minutes west of Boulder in Fourmile Canyon. We will be in a yurt and outside, enjoying the serene nature including a creek for refreshing and dipping our feet. Itzhak carries a depth of wisdom from his many years spent in the mountains and jungles of Ecuador and Brazil. This weekend workshop is an opportunity to absorb some of the deeper concepts and teachings of the indigenous elders. As time allows, you will learn about and experience the following during this weekend teachings:

  • The Dark Side: Attachment, possession, energy vampires, empaths

  • Cord Cutting: Sever toxic relationships. Facing the Demon / Energy Vampire

  • Psychopomp: Guiding the departing souls

  • Shamanic Art of Holding Space – Empath’s challenge to support, not help

  • Soul mending: Trauma, retrieval, and integration, embracing the wound

  • The Gift of Trauma: Finding your soul/life purpose through trauma narratives.


We will be outdoors and indoors (in a yurt).  Bring a water bottle, blanket or poncho and camp chair or mat for sitting on the ground.  Bring a yummy dish to share each day at the potluck lunch.

There is no camping or lodging on-location. For those traveling from out of town there are hotels and airbnb in Boulder, just 15 minutes away. 


Guayusa Dream Tea

Friday September 6, 7pm 

In this special traditional ceremony, we honor the Guayusa tree spirit with chants, songs and music. As we drink the sacred tea, we go into deep meditative silence around a sacred fire, to encounter and communicate with the spirit world to bring new visions and awareness into our lives. Rapé (traditional Amazonian Tobacco and herbs) will be offered to begin the ceremony.


Dress Warmly and bring a mat for lying on the earth, blankets, pillow, lawn chair and water

Please note:  No cancellation refunds are available after 48 hours of purchase.  It is essential that we know what we can offer our elders. 

Embody the Condor & the Eagle

Saturday, September 7, 7pm 

The Eagle and the Condor is an ancient Andean prophecy foretelling the reuniting of the masculine and feminine, heart and mind. In the north flies the Eagle and in the south flies the Condor. In this highly experiential workshop, we'll explore our reconnection with these ancient mythological forces through sound, dance, and movement aided by shamanic visioning. This experience aims to empower you to awaken the masculine and feminine energies within you, fostering harmony. Learn how to embrace the mystical and physical essences in your daily life. Enhance your creativity and zest for life. 


Wear layers and bring a mat for lying on the earth, blankets, pillow, and water.

Private Sessions: la Limpia
with Itzhak Beery
Friday, September 6 and M
onday, September 9, 7pm 

Itzhak is a reknowned seer, and modern day shaman who has helped thousands of people around the world overcome challenges and re-enter the proper flow of life. Don't miss this rare opportunity to see him while he is here.


La Limpia is the spiritual cleanse and healing popular through the Amazon and Andes. A private session with Itzhak is extensive, sometimes lasting up to 2 hours.  He will incorporate whatever methods are called for for each individual. 

There are almost as many definitions of shamanic healing as there are shamans around the world. Itzhak  studied and was initiated by Ecuadorian and Brazilian teachers.
At their core, despite the differences in their methods and tools, shamanic healing maintains the patient’s health by restoring a patient’s harmonious balance and connection to nature’s oneness by clearing the energy body enveloping a person, removing the blocked energies, opening the “River of Light” between the three bodies–physical, emotional, and spiritual, and connecting it with his original soul purpose.​ These sessions are by appointment only and only a few are available. 

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