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Handmade Medicine Drums

Heartsong Medicine Drums

Heartsong Custom Drums
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New! Give the gift of a drum! 

These are handmade by Michael Cutter (Heartsong) with great care and intention to be used as shamanic healing tools. Many of these drums are now under the use and care of people all over the world for the upliftment of humanity. There are typically several in stock and custom orders are available. A stick is included with each drum. 

A message from the maker...

Creativity fuels my life. Making drums comes from a deep place within, which is about healing, creativity and helping others. I worked hard to learn this sacred art - it was a healing journey. My spirit calls me to make drums, to play them, to sing for healing and joy. When I make a drum, I participate in a sacred circle, blessing the materials, thanking the animals, plants and guiding energies (the circle of life). I offer cleansing smoke to the hides and frames, and say prayers to prepare them to be healing tools. There is a lot that goes into it, and the drum is a powerful tool, but, the real power is in the human heart. I believe that if you use the drum with reverence, humility, and passion, that it will not only bring healing you and your clients, but becomes a force of upliftment of the planet. 

Call to see what's in stock or order a custom. 

Prices are approximate as each drum is unique and material costs vary.