Toning Drums

Rather than going to the effort of running an online store, we are asking you to phone us for our current stock and we are happy to send pics and details. We can accept payments through PayPal, credit card, and cash or check if you're local. Please call Joy for more information 480-214-3244.

These drums and sticks are representational only. Each drumskin will have its own unique patterning and handle wrap. Each stick is custom made so the stick itself and padded ends are all one of a kind. Custom orders available.

Toning Drums 

These tunable drums are goatskin head with a Mulberry frame. Being tunable makes them ideal for getting the perfect tone regardless of environmental conditions. They have deep warm resonance with rich complex overtones and play very sensitively compared to our medicine drums. They are great for vocal toning - the lightweight head resonates with the voice, amplifying the it to fill the space with ethereal, magical sounds. They are available in multiple sizes from 12 to 38 inches with 18" and 22" being most popular. Please contact Joy for information or special orders.

16" Toning Drum - $135
18" Toning Drum - $145
22" Toning Drum $175

Payments can be made by clicking here  Or contact Joy by emailing her here

If you want the drum shipped (within the continental U.S.), add $27 to the purchase price. 


Drum Sticks

Our drum sticks are made from wood and materials from used, repurposed, or recycled materials sources when possible. Do not take your drumstick for granted! Getting the best sound from your drum requires just the right stick. One stick is included FREE with drum purchase. Styles vary to include natural local wood, repurposed maple or oak sticks,  and various beater styles from traditional leather to our custom soft sticks ideal for use on the toning drums. See pics above for two styles.  

Medicine Drums

Creativity fuels all aspects of my life. Making drums comes from a deep place within me, which is about healing, creativity and wanting help others. My spirit calls me to make drums, to play them, to sing to the spirits and people for healing and joy. When I make a drum, I bless the materials, thanking the animal spirits, humans, and all co-creative energies. I offer smoke to the hides and frames to cleanse and transmute any disharmonious energies that come from this dualistic environment. When I make drums I cleanse myself and the space I work in to help keep the energies clear during the process. When finished I play them, offer smoke for cleansing, and call in the ancient ones to work through the drum as a tool of healing and teaching. When it is sold, it is set free to live the life it was meant to live.

The drum is a powerful tool, but it is only a tool, and the real power is in the human heart. As individuals we have the responsibility to use our drum wisely as the sacred instrument that it is. 

Prices range from $175-$325 or more, depending on size and materials.

  • Elk, Deer, Buffalo, Moose, Horse and more

  • Build your own drum ceremony available. 


Call Michael for info 406-360-6111. 


We accept payment via PayPal, Credit Card, or Cash

If you want the drum shipped (within the continental U.S.), contact us for shipping fees.

Feather Fans


Use feather fans to distribute smoke from sage or for more advanced healing techniques. All fans have been made in way in right relationship with the earth, ancestors, and spirit, with the utmost attention to physical and energetic cleanliness, attention to detail and ethics. They are truly sacred items. Fans shown are only samples, contact us for current stock. Custom orders available.

Call or email Michael for availability and pricing. 


More Questions?

The page does not reflect current stock but we have many items in stock including toning drums, medicine drums, rattles. If you have questions email or call Michael at 406-360-6111. 

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