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Sun, Mar 24


Discover Your Spiritual Gifts

Purpose, Power & Passion

Shamanic workshop series to activate life

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Purpose, Power & Passion
Purpose, Power & Passion

Time & Location

Mar 24, 2024, 10:00 AM – May 05, 2024, 4:00 PM

Discover Your Spiritual Gifts, 7500 E Arapahoe Rd #208, Centennial, CO 80112, USA

About The Event

The importance of living life purpose cannot be overstated. It gives meaning to challenge and trauma, reason to wake inspired every day. We develop increased resiliency, confidence and trust in life. There is nothing more empowering and fulfilling knowing that what we are doing every day is exactly what we came here for. But it can be very confusing understanding how to navigate the challenges. Purpose isn't just about what we do, its about embodying the highest version of self in all aspects of life including relationships, career, health, etc.. 

Purpose, Passion and Power is a 3 part workshop series to engage you with your purpose in life. Each 6 hour module will help you recognize and call out your strengths to become more empowered in the challenges life brings. Based on time spent with Shamans, Sangoma, Bushmen, Yachaks, Healers, and wisdom keepers from around the world. This experiential workshop brings traditional strength and wisdom to transform modern life. We will meet in-person for hands-on experience change how you think about yourself and what you are capable of. 

This helps you recognize your purpose and  addresses core patterns to empower your authenticity into work, relationships and life. You can choose what areas of life you want to address and how deep you want to go. You must committ to the full course; individual modules cannot be purchased seperately. 

Registration can be split into two payments. Contact Michael to arrange this if necessary.

Who is this right for?

  • Anyone recognizing there is something missing in life
  • Anyone experiencing challenges in personal and/or work relationships
  • Anyone struggling to overcome trauma, addiction, or health issues
  • Anyone recognizing lack of confidence or struggling to step into leadership roles
  • Anyone feeling resonance with the course outline and activities
  • Anyone on spiritual path wanting to embody higher values


  • Each participant receives hand analysis consultation including handprints and life purpose map BEFORE module one. If youve already done one of these sessions with me (where we took handprints) you can substitute another one of my sessions (la Limpia, Takuma needling, Rapéh, etc.) in its place.


  • Group Exercises and breakous sessions to help deepen your understanding of purpose
  • Recognition how ancestral patterns and trauma are impacting your life
  • Shamanic Journeys to receive healing and guidance from the spiritual/ancestral world
  • Not a cookie-cutter workshop series: Exercises will be tailored to individual/group needs
  • ZOOM meeting between sessions One and Two

MODULE TWO: POWER – April 21, 10AM-4PM

  • Powerful Group Exercises and breakout sessions to transform your relationship with power
  • Exercises to improve conflict avoidance, leadership skills, etc. No more giving away your power
  • Shamanic Journeys to receive healing and guidance from the spiritual/ancestral world
  • Additional exercises as needed depending on individual/group needs
  • Optional, recommended, la Limpia after module two. The traditional spiritual cleanse and healing of Ecuador. This will deeply address core issues to ignite passion. See ticket option in this event or book separately. Discounted rate for group participants


  • Bring everything together and take action in life!
  • Experiential exercises, group and partnered exercises to formulate your plan to take the next steps in life.
  • Shamanic Journeys to receive healing and guidance from the spiritual/ancestral world
  • Additional exercises as needed depending on individual/group needs
  • Closing circle



Knowing our purpose creates focus. Without focus our energy is diffused, leaving us feeling unaccomplished and disconnected from the deeper meaning in life. Understanding purpose is step one to igniting power and passion. Prior to the first module each participant will recieve hand analysis (included as a part of the course). IIHA hand analysis takes a deep look at the dermatoglyphics (fingerprints), lines, and various markers in the hands, with scientific accuracy, to identify the various archetypes that are strengths within an individual. It also identifies the various challenges and gifts. The resulting conversation will validate your life experiences and reveal an amazing map of your life purpose which is a fantastic baseline to work with for the duration of the program. No matter where you are in your path this gives the insight needed.  

  • Shamanic journey, rituals and exercises for healing, releasing fears and opening the way for empowered action
  • Group and partnered exercises to support in the ways you need
  • Build confidence, with support of like minded community 
  • Processes to outline your purpose into practical, actionable ways

Private Consultation and Hand/fingerprints: Each attendee receives private consultation BEFORE module one. Upon registration for the course its important to schedula the session. This is a fun and informative process to deeper understand who you are and what you are here for. Comparing the information revealed against personal experience will both validate and give meaning to your life experiences as well as make the path forward clear. This is a game changer even for the most skeptical of truth seekers. 

If youve already done one of these sessions with me you can substitute another one of my sessions in its place.


Cultivation of personal power is essential for creating change and being effective in life. Lack of power from trauma or other childhood experience is common and often results in lack of confidence, poor boundaries, fear, depression, repressed anger, etc. We also adopt powerless and/or victimized beliefs from parents, family, friends, television, etc.. We often see the dark side of humanity seeking to control and manipulate others, becoming afraid of our own power out of fear we will use it incorrectly. In this module we will explore power dynamics and uncover the keys to your personal power in healthy ways. Power in its positive sense is very much about believing in the goodness and power within you, developing confidence, self esteem, etc to overcome the challenges in your path in life. By engaging with challenge we build strength and confidence in who we are, ultimately becoming leaders and positive role models in our communities. In this module we will understand power dynamics to open the way for positive empowered action.

  • Rituals for cleansing and opening the way for empowered action
  • Participate in group exercises to explore power dynamics and understand our own strengths and weaknesses. 
  • Partnered exercises explore deeper how you can claim your power, in relationships, health, opposite sex, etc..

Optional, recommended, la Limpia: If you'd like you can include this as a part of the program. The traditional spiritual cleanse and healing of Ecuador to cleanse issues and ignite passion. After module two is a good time to amplify the energy of the program. Discount applies with registration. You can always purchase the regular ticket and decide later. 


One way to see it is that passion is the result of engaging with life. You probably notice it in life, or in others lives. There is trauma, or conditioning that attempts to block power and passion. Maybe it wins, but in the long run, with time, something is happening deeper inside that is a force of change being called into life, rising to the challenge. You claim your power and start helping others. In this module we will recognize deeper the roles of our own challenges, how they have shaped our lives and what it means in our own lives. It's about putting it all into action in life. Its also about recognizing the patterns and bring deeper intention into the process. It will look different for each person. For some its only about to creating change in their personal life and some are called to change the world. Understanding your own unique path and taking action is the key.

  • Rituals for cleansing and opening the way for action to flow.
  • Group exercises to explore how you are called to take action in life.  
  • You have come to a deeper understanding and clarity of your next steps. 
  • Now, you understand. Go forward with ease and confidence knowing you're on the right path

Join us for this life changing journey into Purpose, Passion and Power. 

Contact Michael if you want to split admission into multiple payments. 

Undecided? Sign up, and do the initial consultation with me, where we take your hand prints and discuss your purpose. If you decide the workshop is not for you, I will refund your money. What have you got to lose? Time is of the essence. We begin on the 24th. Register now and I will contact you to schedule ASAP.


  • Standard Admission

    You can choose to add la Limpia at a later time if you wish.

    Sale ended
  • Standard plus la Limpia

    Includes la Limpia at group rate.

    Sale ended



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