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Vibrational Healing Workshop 

"You can never solve a problem from the same level of consciousness from which it was created." – Einstein

"The basic difference between an ordinary man and a warrior is that a warrior takes everything as a challenge while an ordinary man takes everything as a blessing or a curse." — Carlos Castaneda

This is not a typical workshop, read on to learn more. 


If you are experiencing blocks in life or spiritual development, this workshop may be just what you need. Using a sequential combination of techniques togo deep within, we will raise vibration and experience how even stubborn thoughts and patterns begin to dissolve, making it easier to create new neural pathways, change thought patterns and direct your life in positive ways.


When we understand and work with energy vibration, change happens on deep fundamental levels. Learn simple, direct ways to raise vibration and change attitude so obstacles become catalysts instead of roadblocks.


The flow will look something like this:


  • Intro discussion


  • Set Intentions


  • Use feathers and smoke to clear the energetic body/aura and prepare for entering ceremony.


  • Activities including movement, breath work, and/or herbal tea/medicines to open and activate our energy. There are many options to this aspect of the ceremony and you will be supported in the ways that best suit your needs at the time. This segment will gently expand our capacity to allow energy to flow to and through our physical body and can be very healing. The use of teas are optional and up to the individual to participate.


  • The Core: Use drumming, sound and toning to attune to higher vibratory states. This is the main element of the ceremony and will take us deep within to open the flow of authentic expression from heart and soul. When we embody/express these higher energies, physiology changes, neurology changes, and healing can happen on many levels.


Intention of the ceremony is to drop in and connect with your authentic self. By feeling and expressing this energy, we are able to embrace our true nature. How you use this will ultimately be up to you, but connecting with authentic self in a supportive container gives us the awareness and confidence to live life more in line with our true nature. This can affect our personal and professional lives in profound ways. You are welcome to learn through participation and use these practices at home.


This is not a typical workshop, this is a living ceremony, and you will learn by participating as an active part of the ceremony. If you choose to take the practices home, is up to you. There will be time for questions and answers.

Sunday, February 25, 11am-2:00pm​
$36 pre-registration required.

Limited to 6 participants register now to secure a spot

Address in SW Denver will be given upon registration, 20 minutes from Cap Hill, near Hampden and Federal

*** Bring your frame drum/medicine drum and feathers if you have them. If not, there will be extras for your use. Come free of mind-altering substances such as marijuana, alcohol, etc.

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