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The Tranceformation

We dance to balance the elemental energies within to open energy flows, release emotion, forget, and remember. We direct our higher powers toward our goals, and open our lives to inspiration and freedom vs hard work and struggle. We set intentions and dance the elemental energies (Earth, Air, Fire, Water). This process strips off layers of mental, emotional and physical blockages to renew and cleanse so you feel lighter, happier and more easily achieve your goals and dreams. In this opening, expanding, embodied experience of transformational sound we will do energetic dance, embodied trance, and meditative journeying for a balanced experienced to create healing on every level. Based on the teachings of Ladamira and the sound healing practices of Michael Heartsong.

We gather to ask questions, share, discover who we are, what we are here for, and develop practices to manifest our desires for change. This work heals on every level. It moves mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, past life, current life, and any other aspect of who you are into present moment so you can create the change you desire. 


For those concerned with this being a "dance" as in dancing with others, or dancing in any structured way, know that this is NOT that. This dance is about dancing with your soul and allowing expression of the suppression that we have stored within. It is a safe space free of judgement, full of support. 

Dress comfortably and come with an adventurous spirit. Expect the miracle of yourself to be revealed.

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