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SoulSounding SoundPlay for Women:

A Vocal Toning Workshop for Women

A vocal toning and sound exploration workshop. Journy into the heart in a safe space with Sound facilitator Joy Sylvia. She has had many transformative experiences using sound and toning to empower herself and others. Vocal toning and sound play is non-verbal expression that gives voice to the spirit and heart. This practice is based on emptying the mind and dropping into embodied creative expression. This workshop's focus is about en-powering you to connect with your own medicine songs, and most importantly the self as an instrument to befriend.


You will:

* Explore vibration, harmony, and rhythm.

* Learn to tap into a more primal part of your expression

* Letting go of old stories about the voice

* Use your whole body as an instrument of rhythm



* Release unconscious emotional blocks * Become more self-aware

* Develop stronger connection to spirit

* Increase emotional resilience and raise your vibration


We will be using the body, hands, and voice to explore rhythm and sound play. In this way the body and voice become a more connected expression of your inner nature. Learn to use voice, breath, rhythmic body percussion, and movement to recalibrate your personal energy. A safe space is created where emoting what the heart calls for, whether it's primal, gentle, deep, ethereal, silent, bold, or soft. Allowing your heart and voice to be connected in a true expression of sound can tap into buried inspiration and promote healing.

Friday January 26th, 7-9:30pm  

Registration : Send payment to: or via PopMoney using



Held in the sacred space of our personal sound room. 
Once you register you will receive an email with exact address. Cross streets are Hampden and Lowell in S. Denver.​
Please arrive early so we start on time.

See more info about Joy at

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