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Overtone Techniques: 

SoulSounding Technique Workshop

Have you ever wanted to learn the techniques to sing simultaneous multiple tones like you hear from the Tuvans, Mongolians and Tibetan Monks? Here is an opportunity! As modern science and technology dazzles us with its magic, many people have forgotten that there is a universe within that is losing its voice. Reconnect with the subtle but powerful techniques that will help you to reawaken and re-member who this is beating your heart and thinking your mind. 


Join Michael Heartsong to explore and learn how your body is a resonant chamber capable of producing amazing sounds that seem impossible. We will unravel the mysteries of this ancient artform and open the gateway into this magical experience. You will also learn techniques to enrichen and increase the unique resonance, power and truth in your voice through activation of the heart/throat chakras. A three hour immersion of empowering the voice and resonance within. This is a great workshop for anyone wanting to bring more dynamic presence into their vocals.


$36 Pre-Registration required, limited to 7 participants. 

Stay Tuned for Next Workshop!


Please arrive 10-15 minutes early so we start on time.

Held in the sacred space of our personal sound room.

Upon registration you will receive the address. Cross streets are Hampden and Lowell in S. Denver.

We will serve tea and snacks. Additionally you may bring snacks or a light lunch if you like. Feel free to bring objects to charge on the altarspace.

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