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SoulSounding Advanced:

A (deeper) Vocal Toning Workshop

There are pre-requisites for this workshop. We will NOT be covering the basics of vocal toning in this workshop. This is for people ready to deepen their current level of experience. Preferably you have attended the original SoulSounding workshop or the SoulSounding Techniques. If not, you must have experience with vocal toning and/or channeling and are (relatively) comfortable voicing yourself in a supportive environment. Please contact us if you have questions.


The intention with this workshop is to hold space for and encourage deeper explorations with vocal toning. Compared to the original SoulSounding workshop, we will be bringing more intentionality and depth into the toning and will focus on opening up to 'channeling' sound as well as the overtone and throat singing techniques to add dimensionality to the voice. Additionally, we have added 30 minutes time so we have three full hours of immersion in toning. We will dive deeper into expressing unhindered sound from the heart and will include solo time in a supportive environment. This workshop is perfect for anyone wanting to connect to and express energies from within, both for personal growth or to incorporate into a healing practice.

Stay Tuned for Next Workshop Date!

Cost is only $42 for 3 hour workshop. PRE-REGISTRATION ONLY AND IS LIMITED TO 6 PARTICIPANTS.

Please arrive 10-15 minutes early so we start on time.

Held in the sacred space of our personal sound room.

Upon registration you will receive an email with exact address. Cross streets are Hampden and Lowell in S. Denver.

We will serve tea and snacks. Additionally you may bring snacks or a light lunch if you like. Feel free to bring objects to charge on the altarspace.

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