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Sound as Medicine

Many ancient cultures have creation stories of how the world was created by sound. We are physical manifestations of spiritual energy, vibration, that has been focused into this reality, we are much more vast and powerful than we think we are. —Michael Heartsong


We put less emphasis on the scientific, linear definitions of sound and more on the intent and spirit behind the sound than some do. What that means is that through our intention, we connect to the life force that expresses itself as the sound or is carried in the vibration of the sound. It may sound a bit woo woo (and maybe it is), but the reality is that we are vibrational beings vast beyond comprehension. Our bodies, words and waking thoughts are but a small aspect of who we are. People have largely forgotten this and rely on uninspired action, resulting in busy confused lifestyles.  


In these physical bodies, we perceive separateness, but we are interconnected by a vibrational, energetic matrix that is the web of the universe. When we remember this we become empowered to live with the ease and joy we came here to experience. —Michael Heartsong



Sound is a powerful tool for facilitating change in our lives. It reflects the essence of who we are and by using sound we can reawaken the vibrational awareness of our beings in powerful ways. It is our hearts that know our true nature. The heart is our direct connection to our source of love and sound can awaken and call it into the now. The mind becomes easily distractedbut sound relaxes it and with practice we can develop balance between heart and mind. Through this work we develop practices that keep bringing us back to our hearts. 



 ”In the universe there is an immeasurable, indescribable force which shamans call intent, and absolutely everything that exists in the entire universe is attached to intent by a connecting link.” — Carlos Castaneda


 “We trust that the magic of sound, will contribute an ever greater measure to the relief of human suffering.”

—Robert Assagioli M.D.(1888-1974), Founder of Transpersonal Psychology




The didgeridoo is an ancient wind instrument that comes from indigenous Australia. Aboriginal mythology says that the didgeridoo was used to sing the world into creation. It is a polytonal instrument meaning you can generate many tones simultaneously which creates a rich and complex sound which is very effective for creating trance states. Because of the dynamic nature of the sound and the inherent spiritual nature of the instrument, it has great potential for use in sound healing. Many people have deep spiritual experiences and powerful bodily sensations with the didgeridoo.



For thousands of years drums have been used in ceremony, prayer. Drums evoke deep emotion and energy and call attention from every direction. Drumming is used world-wide for inducing trance states and reminding us of our primal nature. The frame drum is unique in its sound. Its rhythm seems to take on a unique flow and voice of its own. When combined with singing, prayer, and intention, it becomes a dynamic tool for working with energy. It moves and breaks up energy and goes deep into the body and psyche to release old thoughts, emotions and patterns to allow healing.



The human voice is the direct expression of the spirit into the physical world. It is possibly the most powerful tool for us to use in shaping our reality. As we speak our thoughts, that vibration is literally amplified by our voice and reflected back to us in our outer world of perception. Speaking with awareness and intention is powerful and will change your life. Ancient wisdom reminds us to be mindful of our thoughts, words and actions as they are shaping reality always.

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