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SoulSounding: A Vocal Toning Workshop

A heart-based vocal toning workshop. Journey deep into the heart in a safe space with two experienced Sacred Sound facilitators. Michael Heartsong and Joy Sylvia have had many transformative experiences with vocal toning and use it to empower themselves and others in sound ceremony and workshops. Vocal toning is non-verbal expression that is known to have an affinity with giving voice to the spirit and soul. 

You will:
• Explore vibration, harmony, and resonance.
• Express messages from the heart and soul. 
• Learn techniques of vocal harmonics (overtones).
• Express the resonance of your spirit.
• Learn to tone with drums (toning drums provided).

• Speak more confidently from the heart.
• Release unconscious emotional blocks
• Become more self-aware
• Develop stronger connection to spirit
• Raise vibration 
• Increase emotional resilience.

We will explore using the voice to channel messages from the heart. In this way the voice becomes a more connected expression of your inner nature and true voice. Learn to use your voice to clear and recalibrate your personal energy to a natural high-vibration. We create a safe space where emoting what the heart calls for, whether it's primal, gentle, deep, ethereal, silent, bold, or soft. Allowing your heart and voice to be connected in a true expression of sound can tap into buried inspiration and promote healing.  

We will serve tea and light snacks. Please bring snacks or a light lunch if you like.


Stay Tuned for next event! 

Cost is $36 PRE-REGISTRATION ONLY and is limited to 6 participants. 

Held in the sacred space of our personal sound room. 
Once you register you will receive the exact address. Cross streets are Hampden and Lowell in S. Denver.

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