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What is Life Purpose Hand Analysis?

When I ask people if they’ve had their hands read, if they say yes, usually follow with something like ‘my friends mom is a psychic’ or ‘when I was a kid at the carnival’, or better yet ‘by this woman on the street at Mardi Gras‘. While you never really know what you might find at the Mardi Gras, I don’t think I’d go looking for much more than entertainment. In contrast, professional hand analysts are counselors, therapists, healers or other professionals dedicated to helping others.

Hand analysis is the interpretation of the information in the hands to reveal the mysteries of life, but how does it work?

Looking closer we will see natures magic working similarly all around us. For instance, a plant’s leaf shape, arrangement, and line patterns are factors used to scientifically identify and categorize plants. DNA analysis observes genetic sequences (patterns) to reveal information about its source. Similarly, the hands contain stunning insight into human psychology, genetic patterns, and physical and mental health conditions. For thousands of years palmists around the world have been observing hands to gain insight. Relatively recently though, this understanding has gone through major changes. The removal of outdated cultural perspectives along with other irrelative or inaccurate information and the inclusion of the science of dermatoglyphics reveals a whole new understanding.

dermatoglyphics in the palm
Fingerprints, like the rings of a tree, DNA, and leaf shape and line formations contain detailed information as to its identity, history, and much more.

Dermatoglyphics, the scientific study of the micro lines (fingerprints) of the hands, shows that the intricate line patterns contain vast amounts of information, quite similar to DNA analysis. It's a science of its own that has been developing for over a hundred years. In 1967, Richard Unger began researching traditional palmistry and dermatoglyphics. After decades of testing and scrutiny on over 50,000 pairs of hands, he made a breakthrough and founded the International Institute of Hand Analysis (IIHA). Richard’s groundbreaking research shows that the fingerprints are essentially a map of pre-birth psychology. His work shows that the fingerprints, formed 5 months prior to birth, reveal exactly what will experience in the yet-to-be-lived lifetime. In other words, your future was imprinted on your hands before you were ever born.

It's as if you encoded your entire life purpose into your hands to remind yourself of the plan, but then you landed on planet Earth, and forgot. Kind of like when you hid your car keys in that special place so you wouldn’t lose them but couldn’t remember where they were. Regardless of what the movies say, your lost treasure map isn’t buried somewhere deep in the jungle, it’s so close that you’ve been looking at it all your life and didn’t even know it was there, right in your own hands.

It's now been scientifically proven, you can read more in Richard's book Lifeprints.

The following is an old Diné (Navajo) saying, quoted from Lifeprints:

It was the wind that gave them life. It is the wind that comes out our mouths now that gives us life. When this ceases to blow we die. In the skin at the tips of our fingers we see the trail of the wind. It shows us where the wind blew when our ancestors were created.

A Calling to Heal

In 2010 I had a near death experience and a vision that showed me my purpose and calling to be a healer, but I had a long road to recovery and needed help that western medicine could not provide. My journey has taken deep in the African Kalahari to the high Andes and Amazon of Ecuador and back to the desert southwest of North America. I have traveled to experience and learn traditional healing and wisdom. In these ancient traditions I found the healers that could help me overcome health challenges and train me to help others. Along my path, I had my hands read by a shaman and was amazed what he saw. He immediately spoke to a core challenge I was facing. When I asked how he could see so much, he smiled and pointing to my hand said, 'It says it right there, don't you see?' It was direct and insightful and I wanted to learn more, so I became his apprentice.

For any healer, counselor, or therapist truly invested in helping others, gaining immediate, accurate insight into clients issues is of tremendous value. Early on in my training, I felt unsure, but clients' feedback gave me confidence. Initially, I used hand analysis solely as a diagnostic tool for gaining insight into clients challenges and trauma. It was life-changing, not just for them, but for me to have such a helpful tool. Over time I realized the value in doing stand-alone hand analysis sessions and committed to learn more.

Trauma was never your fault, but healing is your responsibility. Understanding purpose gives trauma meaning to ignite passion and transform your life.

I enrolled in the most comprehensive training available, the IIHA Certified Hand Analyst course. Within a week I received a large box with two 4-inch think 3-ring binders packed with course materials. ‘What was I thinking?!’ I thought as I imagined that box being stuffed into my head. The year-long program was demanding, but instilled a much more thorough understanding of what I was seeing in the hands.To see in my own hands, my entire life story revealed with such accuracy made me realize how much was actually there. I also learned how to leverage the information to help people transform their lives.

The Importance of Purpose

It’s been said countless times.... Living life purpose is the most important thing we can do. It's about aligning with the truest, most authentic version of self, including the mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of health, relationships, and career. The alternative means challenge, from mild to the most extreme depending on the level of resistance to allowing that life-giving energy to flow. This article from psychology today cites scientific studies that show how having purpose leads to improved health, more income and a longer, happier life.

Living life purpose means:

1.) Challenges have meaning and become food for the fire.

2.) Life feels meaningful and fulfilling.

3.) You no longer need to hit the snooze button.

Deep down, you know that life isn't supposed to be hard', it's supposed to be fun, passionate and meaningful. The first step to any successful journey is having a plan. Most people though, are just driving without really knowing, hoping that just over the horizon is the big happy party they’ve been waiting for. If that's you, great! At least you're still dreaming! The next step is recognizing the bigger picture to begin living with more focus, intention and purpose.

Experiencing my hand analysis sessions is like stopping to take a good look at the roadmap. Sometimes it's a bit like ‘Oh shit! I knew I should’ve taken that left turn back in college’. Now you're feeling lost in some foreign land, but are you really that far off course? Probably not, because all along, life has somehow been guiding to be exactly where you are supposed to be. Like I say to my clients all the time, the flow of the life energy we call purpose never stops, but the conditioning and traumas we experience create a block, like a dam in the river. The pressure builds and when you open the gate, its power is strong. Now, its simply time to tap into some newfound inspiration, vision, and focus to let it flow.

The information encoded in your fingerprints at 5 months before birth shows exactly what will be experienced in your yet-to-be-lived life. Not in a 'you will go to disneyland at age 10' kind of way, but it shows the major themes that will play out, your life purpose and the challenges you will experience in living it. This is the science of dermatoglyphics, and a key part of my Life Purpose Hand Analysis readings.

Anatomy of Hand Analysis
There are 11 primary zones, and 4 major lines that each contain information about different aspects of human psychology. Left and right hands contains slightly different information about you. There are dozens of other lines and markers that when properly understood create a map psychology that can be used to determine your life purpose and unique challenges in living it. It’s not guessing or ‘psychic’ reading, it’s science.

What to Expect in a Session

Sessions can be online or in-person and last about 1.5 hours. First we take ink prints of your hands. This makes it easy to see details, and your inner child will love it! Then we sit down to discuss what your hands reveal. It’s really fascinating, and clients are amazed. I help you understand why you have experienced the things you have in life, how they're related to your purpose, and help you make decisions about what to do next. You also receive a life purpose map—your personalized plan for a meaningful, fulfilling life that is an invaluable reference in the future. You can also record the session to remember the details of what we discuss.

How many sessions should I schedule?

It depends on what you are wanting. Some are just looking for the information they need. In one session, you will receive your Life Purpose Map, and if you apply what we discuss, it will transform your life. Many, however, benefit from ongoing support. Just like counseling or therapy it takes time to break long standing patterns of behavior, conditioned mindset and overcome the effects of trauma. For this reason I offer packages of sessions at a discounted rate. When you buy a package, you are committing to creating change, and you have dedicated support over a period of time. Most clients choose to use packages to receive both hand analysis and healing work.

The combination of Life Purpose Hand Analysis and Limpia (traditional healing from Ecuador) are direct and effective at creating tangible change in life.

Some recent feedback...

The healing work that I have completed with Michael the last few months has been incredible. I started with the hand analysis and progressed to Limpia and then Takuma needling. Each healing has felt like a different era in my life, even though they were only weeks apart. I began this process in a very confused and stuck space and found more clarity and purpose after each session. My life has completely transformed in only a few months and I now see this as a necessary part of my future self care. 

MW – Denver

To say I was amazed is an understatement. I never expected that so much could be seen in the hands. He hit with amazing accuracy things I knew but wasn't sure about or believed possible. His guidance was resourceful and in alignment. It definitely is worth the time and investment and you can tell Michael is invested in what he does. His personality and demeanor matches his skills. Thank you!

MC – Pennsylvania

Thanks Michael for my extraordinary hand reading! I am bloooowwwwnnn away! I wish I recorded our session. So much information, and wisdom was shared.

— LR – Denver

It was an amazing experience and I've notice the impact on my life.

MW – Denver

Michael was outstanding. Extremely accurate and confident.

— CC, Denver


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