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What is Life Purpose and why is it so important?

Life purpose, in the way I see it, is really about understanding all life experience, the dreams, desires, challenges and traumas and understanding how and why it all fits together. We all have a sense that everything happens for a reason, but to really understand the details is life changing. When you see how all the pieces of the puzzle fit together and are working together for the same purpose, all of that experience is distilled down into its essence. This essence is what we call ‘life purpose’ because its about understanding the essential, meaningful components of our individual gifts, dreams and desires and living authentically.

There is no greater gift you can give or receive

than to honor your calling. It's why you were

born. And how you become most truly alive.


Every life purpose is going to be different, even if core dynamics are the same details are different which is what makes us unique in our personal expression of our gifts. When we step into our gifts and life purpose, we become an integral, meaningful, uplifting thread in the tapestry of humanity. There are always challenges in life, but having purpose calls something larger through you that makes life easier. When you gain the confidence of knowing, challenges become secondary and even a fun, fulfilling part of the process. You could say that the power of spirit or soul flows through you because you are moving with it. You no longer contradict yourself.

Unless you KNOW your life purpose, you don’t know it. And, it never ends. Your soul will constantly call you deeper until you discover your truest expression. It is our blind spots that hold us back. Relationship challenges, power struggles, fears of criticism, guilt, needing approval, intimacy and communication issues, etc. How does trauma and challenge define our gifts? Why are they necessary for us to step into our purpose?

The place to start asking questions is what are your gifts and dreams? What did you get inspired about and go to school for, but never did? What did you love to dream of as a child? What are the gifts everyone said you had that you never really believed? Who was your dream lover when you were young? What were the traumas that changed your mind?

Michael Cutter (Heartsong) is a trauma-informed Life Purpose Coach, IIHA Hand Analyst and Shamanic Healer. He has extensive training in contemporary and traditional shamanic healing and multiple healing modalities. Learn more at



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