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Why Journey Into Sound?

It is important to first understand that what we are calling 'sound' is much more than the auditory sound we can hear with our ears. We as humans can only hear a specific range of frequencies or vibration, but sound is happening at much much vaster and subtler levels than we perceive with our ears. But we can still perceive this 'sound' in other ways as emotion, and even thought and consciousness are registered as vibration by different parts of our beings. When we deepen our connection to self, we become more able to perceive these vibrations. Through our intention and practice, we become like finely tuned radios, tuning in to subtle levels of vibrational perception, understanding much vaster amounts of information than is normally thought possible.

The mystics, shamans, yogis, and healers have always understood that all of creation is vibrational in nature, and vibration creates sound. Modern science now understands this as well and recognize that on unseen levels, everything is in motion, in specific patterns, frequencies and so on. When two vibrating objects come in proximity, they are attracted or repelled depending on the vibration they are emitting. So when you see it as sound, there is harmony, or not, depending on their vibrational relationship. One example is how sometimes you enjoy being around certain people and not others. Sometimes we understand why and sometimes we don't, but we can feel this vibrational relationship. It doesn't mean theres anything wrong with either person, it just means you are on a different wavelength that is not in harmony, just like certain notes sound good together and others do not.

So the question may come to mind 'How do we change our vibration?' The most direct and powerful powerful tool we have is our mind. As you lie down and the mind begins to relax, brainwaves slow from Beta (normal waking state) to Alpha (deep relaxation, quiet mind) and eventually Theta (deeper meditative relaxation, lucid imagery), beyond that is Delta, a deep sleep state. Many people have a much easier time dropping into Alpha and Theta states with the help of healing sound and music. When you learn to relax into these states you open the doors to possibilities beyond imagining.

For our event "Journey Into Sound" we use the word journey because you may "journey" in the minds eye to places within the inner world for various purposes. In shamanic terms, it could be the underworld, middle world, or upper/celestial realm, or possibly you simply identify with it as a waking dream state or an out of body experience. Some call this place non-local mind, indicating the experience of being somewhere else. We don't define it for you, we simply create the container for your experience. As you relax and deepen connection with yourself, It is an invitation to engage with the sound, and more importantly the vibrational content of the sound. Within the vibrational content is the healing we seek. This is where our healing intentions as facilitators meet with yours to co-create within the vaster, wiser parts of who we are, and healing experiences happen. Experiences vary greatly. If you are a visual person, you may have visions. An auditory person may hear messages, a feeling person may experience a direct 'gnosis' experience, and so on. It is our belief that if you are called to experience our sound that there is a healing message somewhere within it for you.

The sound we provide is evocative and speaks to the heart, no words are spoken, only tonal sound as this speaks to the heart rather than the mind, allowing you to more easily relax into the experience without engaging the thinking mind. It is sometimes powerful, sometimes gentle, but is always shared with the knowing that you will receive it in the most meaningful way for yourself.

It can be intimidating for some if they are not very aware or open to their senses in such a way but anyone can open to the experience. You can practice and develop the skills. It's simply a matter of quieting the mind and opening up to the subtle perceptions, and very importantly allowing yourself to experience without engaging with the rational mind. I sometimes say that the world tends to yell at us, telling us what we should do, whereas spirit, or god, simply whispers an invitation. It is up to us to tune in and respond.

No experience is required and there is no way to get it wrong.

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