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Hapé and Healing

Clearing, Grounding, Truth

  • 1 hour
  • 165 US dollars
  • Discover Your Spiritual Gifts|South King Street

Service Description

Hapé is a sacred medicine from the Amazon, common throughout parts of South America. Hapé is a combination of finely powdered Amazonian wild Tabaco, tree bark ash and herbs that is administered through the nose with a pipe called a tepi. The herbs are immediately absorbed into the bloodstream for healing. Traditional recipes and use varies between locations. Hapé immediately clears negativity and balances the left and right hemisphere of the brain, leaving you grounded and connected with spirit. Hapé will go deep to clear the mind heals various aspects of the body as needed, especially the nervous and digestive systems. Peoples reactions varies from pleasant feeling meditation to deep processing and purging, depending on your intention and what is needed. All of our Hapé comes from indigenous Amazonian tribes, supporting them in their traditional ways. We will discuss what you are wanting and choose an appropriate blend to support you as needed. • Clear negativity • Open connection to Spirit • Grounding, centering. • Strength, clarity, and focus. • Opens up vision, cleansing the pineal gland. • Supports respiratory system. • Heal sinus issues and reduce mucus. • Supports the digestive and nervous system • Offers energetic protection The session consists of consultation/hand analysis etc as needed to get to the heart of issues and have clear intention. Space will be held as you receive the medicine. It is common to sit in silence as it is working with you. You may also receive energy work during this time as needed to facilitate the healing.

Location Details

  • Discover Your Spiritual Gifts

    5808 South Rapp Street, Littleton, CO, USA

    +null 406-360-6111

  • South King Street

    3500 South King Street, Apt BB, Denver, CO, USA

    +null 406-360-6111

Cancellation Policy

To avoid fees please reschedule within 48 hours. Within 48 hours this option will not be available on the website and you may be charged a fee for canceling or rescheduling. Thank you for understanding.

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