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Radiance of Darkness:

Equinox Sound Ceremony

Please note: This type of transformational work can be catalytic in nature. By attending, you accept full responsibility for any life-changing experiences you may have. We want to encourage adventurous self-exploration and as a part of that we want you to know you are ultimately responsible for your own well-being. Please see our full message at the end of this event description.**


When we seek, there is a radiance in the darkness that will set us free. The essence of humanity's struggle is and always has been about embracing the contrast or challenges of life and using them as a catalyst rather than a hindrance to our expansion. 


Joy Sylvia and Michael Heartsong will facilitate our journey with channeled vocal toning and chanting. These evocative songs will be accompanied by tibetan bowls, crystal bowls, drumming, and rattles. We will go inwards to shine light on the dark, to feel, accept, release, and have greater compassion; for it is ultimately only our own shadows that we see in the world. This will be a powerful journey of transcendance and transmutation.


This sound ceremony will be divided into four distinct segments.



Call upon the assistance of our ancestors and guides, preparing a safe space for inward travel. 


The Shadow/Underworld

Within a safe container we will journey into the underworld. This is the rich soil from which our lives grow. There is great magic here but this is also where the shadows and challenges lie, surfacing to bring disharmony and pain. When we allow ourselves to simply feel these uncomfortable places something begins to happen. Deep fears subside and ultimately become our strongest allies. Emerging into love and compassion, we begin the vibrational ascent into the next phase of the journey.


Celestial Emergence

With newfound lightness and freedom, we ascend into vibrational alignment with our higher selves. It is a feeling place of freedom, empowerment, love and appreciation of the vastness of who we are. In this place we feel supported by universe, more confident to walk into the world living true to our hearts and desires.



Upon thanking and releasing our ancestors and guides we will conclude the session, with time for sharing and integrating.

Saturday March 18th, 7-9 p.m.  Arrive Early! See details below*

$22 pre-register by 8 a.m day of event

$27 after 8 a.m. day of event. Limited seating to 22


Ceremony :: Healing 7269 Lowell Blvd, Westminster

* To respect others and the container of the space please arrive at least 10 min early to sign in, reserve your spot and center into the energy. Due to the special nature of this journey, latecomers can’t be admitted. DOORS ARE LOCKED AT 7PM


** Disclaimer and Cautions:

We do not make any medical or psychological claims regarding this event. This type of transformational work can be catalytic in nature. If you are experiencing a medical or psychological condition, please seek professional help. We hold a strong container for safety, but ultimately you are responsible for your own well-being. By attending this event, you accept any and all responsibilities for any life-changing experiences you may have.


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