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An Evening of Self Exploration Through Sound

We would love to have you join us on New Years eve for a special 2 hour event. There will be releasing what no longer serves and setting intentions for the coming year with a feather intention ceremony. The feather intention ceremony is a beautiful ceremony from the Navajo traditions utilizing feathers to carry our prayers into the spirit world. Our new friend Malaki, a Hyacinth Macaw, and his person have offered his molted feathers for this very special gathering.  

Following the Intention Ceremony will be a sound meditation. The energies will be high, bright, and earthy for a deeply relaxing experience, bringing in a light-filled experience to set the tone for the new year. Experience the mystical sounds of the Tibetan bowls, handpan, didgeridoo, drums, vocal toning, flute and more. This unique polytonal sound is multidimensional, resonating with energies of the earth and cosmos and a balance of masculine and feminine. Harmonize with the frequencies of A432, known for its reflection of universal patterns found throughout nature. Michael and Joy will create a sonic landscape to encourage deep relaxation. For those regulars who attend Journey Into Sound, you can expect something quite different from here on out. New energies of higher vibration are coming through, and we are excited for the expansion of this unique event.  

The journey is not guided, but instead we simply create a container that allows you to experience what you are most needing at the time. It is a powerful space for becoming more self-aware, releasing emotional blocks, and re-calibrating the heart energy to a higher vibration as well as communicating with the higher self, spirit guides, etc. There is no experience required and no way to get it wrong. 

Sunday December 31st 7:00-9:00

Space is limited  - reserve your spot!

$27 early bird, $35 at the door, tickets at

Please arrive 10 minutes early, doors are locked at event time.  

Ceremony Center for Healing

7269 Lowell Blvd, Westminster, CO 80030

Please note: This type of transformational work can be catalytic in nature. We hold a strong container for safety, but ultimately you are responsible for your own well-being. By attending this event, you accept any and all responsibilities for any life-changing experiences you may have.

". . . The 'self' is truly the most powerful healer, when we allow the time and space. And the two of you have the ability, the capacity and the love to hold that space for others so well. For those who have not had the experience, know that, if you are called, this is exactly where you need to be . . ."   – JASON MAXON


We held our first JOURNEY INTO SOUND the first Saturday of August and we're so excited to host this beautifully healing event again at Ceremony. This is one of those things that is indescribable and you have to experience to really understand. Michael and Joy are shape shifters and completely transform the energy in the space. It's transcendent."

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