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Home and Business Energetic Services

Our thoughts, emotions and actions all affect our environment and our relationship to that environment. Spaces, whether home, business or land all hold energies that are residue from past events in that space. An argument here, heavy discussion there, stress, illness, disharmonious guests, all this over time adds up to energetic clutter if not cleared in some way. Have you noticed your home space feeling a bit 'off' at times? Has there been conflict or disharmony that you feel is lingering? Did previous owners leave energetic 'residue' that makes it diffucult to relax? Have you felt a presence when you're the only one there? 

If you answered yes to any or all of these questions maybe its time for one of our energy clearing sessions. We offer several packages that cleanse the energy of your space using a combination of ancient ritual techniques and ceremonial sound to remove unwanted energies and invite harmonious energies in to create a comfortable container. Your home will feel vibrationally clear and uplifted and with our ceremonial sound offerings we will invite spirit guides into the space to energetically enhance the environment. We offer comprehensive services for home, business and land. 


Home Services


Energy Cleanse

Energy clearing of home using feathers, sage, essential oils, and sound.

Starting at $150.00


Land Blessings

Before Building new home or for clearing energies held in the land. 

Land blessing prayer ceremony with permission prayers, spirit offerings and sound. 


Housewarming Sacred Space Ceremony

Energy Cleanse, Sacred Sound Ceremony, and Feather Intention Ceremony.


Business Services

Business After Hours Sacred Space Party

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