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Guayusa Sound Ceremony

The dreamtime is our connection to the spirit world. Guayusa is plant medicine that is known to induce lucid dreaming and waking dream states. In this ceremony we will drink the tea, sing the chants, and relax into an immersion of sacred sound. The sound will be inspired in the moment and will include some combination of drumming, vocal toning, chanting, crystal and Tibetan bowls, didgeridoo, or other sound to take you deep within to awaken your dreams for assistance, guidance, and healing. 

Guayusa is plant medicine from Ecuador and is sometimes called the ‘Dream Tea’. It provides focused energy while relaxing the mind, assisting in opening our inner vision and entering a waking dream state. It is safe, legal, and completely non-psychotropic. It is often used casually to boost energy but ceremonial use brings out other dimensions of this beautiful plant medicine. I invite you to come surrender into your own spirit, your dreamtime, for assistance and healing from the spirit world.

Facilitated by Michael Cutter (Heartsong).

Saturday, February 10, 7:30-9:30pm

Exchange is $37, Pre-Registration Required and limited to the first 6.


Address in SW Denver will be given upon registration, 20 minutes from Cap Hill, near Hampden and Lowell.

*** Come free of mind-altering substances such as marijuana, alcohol, etc.

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