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The Feather Way is about utilizing feathers as healing tools. You will learn to work with the spiritual and metaphysical aspects of birds. We learn to connect with these energies to assist us in healing or creating change in our lives and others. Feathers become conductors of energy or antennas to the universe and energies of assistance. 

Many people love birds and feathers and feel or sense the inherent healing qualities they carry. They invoke emotion, love, mystery, power, and often leave us admiring their beauty and magical nature. Through processes of activation of the feathers to reawaken the energy within, and learning healing protocols, we become empowered to help ourselves and others. In this dynamic class you will learn how to work with feathers and bird energy for healing. You will receive:

  • Healing protocols for yourself and others

  • Feather intention ceremony protocol

  • Activation processes that deeply connect you with your feather

  • Feather Way workbook

  • Working sword feather

  • All the tools you need to get started as a Feather Way practitioner

This class is intended to give you the tools to begin your practice as a Feather Way practitioner. It is encouraged to take as many feather way classes as you desire and immerse yourself into the local community and deepen your practice.  People connecting with the practice often attend several classes to deepen and expand their awareness, depending on their desires. No two workshops are the same as this is a vast information. 


Feather Way is not just for healers, it is for anyone feeling an affinity with birds or feathers or energy work. If embraced, it becomes a way of life - of connecting with source.

The Feather Way Can Be Used For:

Prayer, Ceremony

& Sacred Space


Who Practices the Feather Way?
  • Massage Therapists

  • Energy Workers

  • Reiki Practitioners

  • Yoga Teachers and practitioners

  • Meditation Practitioners

  • Shamanic Practitioners

  • Sound Healers

  • Ceremonialists

  • Counselors

  • Alternative Healers

  • Anyone called to learn more...

Applications and Uses
  • Feather Way Healing Sessions (clearings, extractions, activations, etc...)

  • Clearing Spaces

  • Creating Altar Spaces

  • Creating Sacred Space for Ceremony, Meditation, Healing, Prayer, etc.

  • Clearing Yourself Before and After Doing Healing Work or Interacting with the Public

  • Clearing Yourself and Others Before Entering Sacred Space

  • Clear Your Energy after Tense Situations or Experiences

  • To Help with Prayer and Ask Universe for Assistance

  • Broaden Your Understanding of Working with Spiritual Energies

  • Enhance Communication with the Spirit World

  • The list goes on...

Custom feathers
and fans by Michael
several styles available
Email for availability
The Facilitator

Michael Heartsong, has always felt a profound connection with feathers. Unusual and powerful experiences with birds and feathers left him asking many questions about his relationship with them. After many years of asking questions and going through difficult challenges, his dreams and observations opened up to begin revealing the nature of this connection. His seeking led him to Navajo teacher and healer Garrett Duncan (developer of the Feather Way). During his practice and study Michael has had many powerful experiences that have taken him much deeper into the practice. He is a carrier of the Goose medicine. Owls are among his guides and protectors.


Michael has completed the Navajo Illuminations shamanic studies program, Feather Way training and Feather Way teacher training program as well as apprenticeship. He is certified through Navajo Illuminations as a master teacher of the Feather Way. 

Saturday, April 23, 11am-3pm

Class is limited to 6 and Pre-registration is Required! 


$66 Registration includes a specially prepared sword feather, 2 intention feathers and official FW workbook.

Address will be given upon registration. 

Held in our personal healing space in SW Denver near Hampden and Lowell.  

Register Here for the Feather Way. 
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