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What is
Life Purpose Hand Analysis? 

Life Purpose Hand analysis is a system created by Richard Unger to determine a persons Life Purpose by analyzing various markers, lines, fingerprints, etc. of the hands. Compared to classical palmistry, hand analysis is not about predicting the future, but giving insight to be empowered in life, putting the power back in your hands, pun intended. 


Hand Analysis is more about understanding ones psychological dynamics in order to understand Life Purpose. Life Purpose is not just about what you should do, but really, is a way of understanding the big picture of life including the innate desires, talents, behavioral patterns and so on. More importantly, it explains the relationship between those psychological patterns and the challenges we have in life including perceived failures and trauma. Hand Analysis has been used by the FBI and medical professionals for profiling criminal types and identifying health issues. It is a science - computers can even scan your hands and run diagnostics. 

Let me ask you; What would happen if you were able to step way back from the details of your life and see how every experience you have ever had has been a part of directing you to discovering and utilizing your personal power? Thats right... all of the highs in life and all of the lows, challenges, and traumas have all been perfectly orchestrated to activate within you your calling, or life purpose in this life. So whats up? If life is so perfectly orchestrated, why does it have to be so challenging? Because who you really are is very immense, with big visions and dreams to live powerfully and passionately. Do you really think that the true power within you will be activated out by a nice, sunny, casual stroll in the park? I do not think so. Life is sink or swim and there are rarely enough rests to make up for the challenges. In order to thrive we have to tap into something deeper to sustain us. I believe that the something you need to tap into is your purpose in life. Having purpose that is true to your deeper nature is like tapping into a wellspring of energy. When you have purpose, you are inspired - spirit moves you. The challenges of life become fuel rather than obstacles. 

If you're still with me, and weighing this against your own life experience and discernment, you probably feel some truth in what I say, but you also sense theres something more. Theres may be a sense that simply understanding purpose may not be enough. Sometimes that is true. In some cases there are traumas and conditioning that create a distorted perspective of who we are, what is possible and what life is about. For instance, examples that occur often are people that have a calling for public speaking yet as a child they were criticized for talking too much. One such case, of a good friend of mine, has such hands and was told at a young age that he only had a certain amount of words he could speak in this life, sh he'd better not use them all up. When he discovered his life purpose he was terrified of being in front of an audience. But he healed the fears This acts to bind us to the lies and they become true in our experience. But healing those patterns is possible. Just as life experience took us there, we can become aware and take ourselves where we want to be. In those cases where Hand Analysis alone doesnt feel like enough I offer healing sessions. These sessions pinpoint the key patterns and traumas and heal the relationships within you that create the conflict. When I do these sessions I involve you in the process of healing because when you are really the one doing the healing you understand how it works on a level that is much more effective than if someone does the work for you. I have extensive training, but my real training is from many years of deep suffering and rebuilding my life, literally, from ground zero. If I can do it, you can do it. Please let me know if I can answer any questions. I am here to assist in your journey. 


 . We experience trauma, maybe even repeated trauma and feel beaten down by life. We have tried so many things but see little progress. Remember what I said above; "life is either sink or swim..." It can be exhausting and we end up settling for second, or third best just to take a break. 

So what is the key? What has been my life experience and what I have learned in my training and time spent with shamans is that we need to heal the traumas and change the stories about who we are in order to create real change. It takes dedication. But with some inspiration and guidance it is possible to overcome even the most challenging of circumstances.

see repeatedly with my clients.  I do consultation to help people overcome the challenges and y


Let's look at that word;; inspire. It comes from the root word inspirare, which means 'to breathe into', with 

When you understand that everything you have experienced in life was really all in your favor 

 that  Life purpose hand analysis is a truly fascinating way of looking at the patterning on the hands to better understand a persons innate gifts, talents and personality traits.