What is it to live life purpose?


In order to have a purpose, we need a challenge, and the bigger the challenge the bigger the purpose. Since before birth, we have been steeping in a world of conflict. Conditioning, trauma, and challenges expose our strengths and weaknesses, shaping reality and creating an identity of self. But this identity is not true, it's what we think is true and it's what we expect of ourselves and what we live up to. 


Living authentically is about seeing through the fear, trauma, and conditioning and doing something about it. It requires gaining the necessary insight, healing wounds and seeing the truth. It's about reclaiming our power to live in a joyful, meaningful way in career, relationships, and life.

My role is not to dictate a 'life purpose' to you, but help you better understand how life has been giving you everything you need to step into your your power now.  Your challenges and trauma play key roles in igniting the passions and developing the gifts that you came here to express. When we find the courage to face our fears we claim our power. It's not easy, but it's much easier than playing small.


Deep patterns do not change easily. That's why we need to make a life-scale commitment to see life-scale change. Dipping our toes just cannot give us the fulfillment of jumping fully in. 


It all begins when you say Yes!