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About Michael


If you are reading this, you must want to know more about me. Sometimes people question my motives because I am 'a white guy' practicing 'indigenous' arts. Others just want to understand who I am before deciding to work with me... All important things to consider. 

My teachers remind us that we all have indigenous roots – It's just that many have forgotten them. Ancestral trauma and conditioning has caused a gap in the collective psychology that creates a perpetual loop of disconnection and pain – until we choose to heal.

My work is focused in life-purpose work because it addresses the core elements of life in practical, authentic way that creates tangible results. When we are fulfilled, happy and inspired, we become the leaders in our families, communities and the world. It does not always matter what we do, but it matters that we bring our gifts and light into the world and lead fulfilled and empowered lives. 

I didn't just wake up one day and happily decide to do this work. In 2010 I became very ill and I was in the hospital in critical condition. Life had been rough and I experienced homelessness, addiction, no money, failed relationships, etc. I had given up. Part of me just wanted to die, but I asked spirit to guide me to meaning and purpose. While on life support very close to death my connection to the spirit world became lucid. I had a vision that showed me in detail what to do which included meeting the shamans and healers that could help me and to accept my role to help others. 

I offer sliding scale for those in financial difficulty - if there is desire to heal, you will not be turned away due to lack of funds. Inquire for details.


Michael Cutter (Heartsong)

For over twenty five years Michael has practiced various healing methods including Tui-Na, Accupressure, massage therapy and sound healing. In 2010 a life threatening illness resulted in a vision calling him to live a life of healing and creativity. This path has deeply tested his faith and shown him the power in trusting his heart and visions. He turned down a full-ride scholarship to the Naropa Institute in favor of working directly with the indigenous healers and shamans of his vision. Among them are: Grandmother Walking Thunder (Diné), Oona Soleil (Scotland), Ladamira (Slavic), Garrett Duncan (Diné), John Lockley (Xhosa) and Itzhak Beery (Ecuadorian traditions). He has shamanic healing training and/or apprenticeship in the styles of Sandra Ingerman, Garrett Duncan and Itzhak Beery and has participated in countless ceremonies, workshops with various shamans and indigenous  elders.

A few of the teachers and healers that have helped and influenced me in significant ways.

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